Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grade-by-Grade College Prep Checklist

This article first appeared on on July 15, 2015.

Here’s a handy checklist for 9th-11th graders to ensure you stay on track for college admissions.

9th Grade

  • Take the most rigorous classes you can handle, and review after first semester
  • Understand your GPA and why it matters
  • Understand standardized tests and create a general timeline for taking them
  • Find one extracurricular and one service venue that you will commit to for four years
  • Start a record/hour log of activities, awards and service
  • Explore your interests
  • Visit colleges when your family travels
  • Read for pleasure, keep a vocab log, play family word games
  • Job shadow your parents
  • Athletes and artists- capture video
  • Use your summer well
  • Ask your parents to run college financial calculators

10th Grade

  • Continue to take challenging courses and plot your courses through high school
  • Take the optional PSAT and set a testing timeline
  • Take on additional responsibility in your primary extracurricular and service area
  • Start a college visit journal and visit a small, medium and large school
  • Start attending college admission rep info sessions at your school and in town
  • Attend local college fair
  • Take an interests, values and personality assessment
  • Job shadow at least three family friends
  • Apply for summer internships or a summer job or take a summer community college class
  • Athletes and artists-hone skills, capture video, work on portfolio/sign up on recruiting sites
  • Register on scholarship match websites
  • Do test prep the summer between 10th-11th grade

11th Grade

  • Continue to take challenging classes including honors, AP or IB in subjects that interest you
  • Get your school Naviance login and create account
  • Attend local college fair (again!)
  • Identify college characteristics that are important and create initial list (20-30 schools)
  • Use days off from school for college visits
  • Plan and take a spring break college visit tour
  • Do very detailed school specific research and keep notes
  • Continue attending college admission rep visits at your school and in town
  • Take a benchmark ACT and the PSAT in the fall
  • Prep and take the ACT or SAT in the spring
  • Take SAT Subject tests (only for very selective colleges) in May or June
  • Athletes register with NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Make it a point to get to know at least two teachers very well; request rec letters in May
  • Get a copy of your end-of-year transcript!

If you are a senior and need month-by-month guidance, check out last week’s slideshow.

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